I didn’t write a post for March, and I feel bad. 
So for the 2.3 of you who actually noticed, I’m sorry. Also, I’m going to continue the self deprecating comments about how few people actually read this blog until someone stops me. For the record, I’m thrilled that it’s mainly just read by my wife, maybe my mom, and 2 or 3 others out there somewhere. To the first person who reads my blog who is from out of town and not directly connected to WayPoint Church: Email me and tell me about it and I’ll mail you a $5 Starbucks giftcard. I’m not a huge Starbucks fan, but I have a stack of giftcards that I use to thank and/or bribe people for various reasons.
The main reason I didn’t post in March is because I couldn’t think of a good topic to blog about. Guess what? Today is no different. But I will press on. This week I reformatted my weekly checklist that I use. I’m aware there are dozens of apps that help with productivity and checklists, but for now a good old physical checklist is helping me be more productive with my time. So with my new format, Mark suggested I call it a WRECKlist, because of how it will help me WRECK all the work I have to do. So I decided to take his advice, and now you must be subjected to useless information about how I spend my time. 
I’ve said this before, but generally people have one of two misconceptions about youth pastors. (NOTE: These might be more accurate than i realize out in the youth pastor universe, but for me, at my church, they are not true.) The first, is that I just sit around watching YouTube and playing games all day. I can see where people get this… look at my desk and you see a Hotwheel, a model A-Wing, a Guardians of the Galaxy poster, and on the top shelf, a LOT of Nerf guns. About 30% of my bulletin board is covered in memes quotes from office staff, such as “‘You know me, I’m a fruit mule.’ -Tim Stobbe”, and an example of my most recent obsession: the Nathan Pyle comic “Strange Planet”. Good stuff. 
So I can empathize. The other misconception is that all Pastors are just crazy busy all the time and can’t ever pick up the phone, or eat food. I’ll be honest, sometimes I do feel like that. But usually I don’t. I feel the tension of a work load that is probably bigger than it should be, but I manage it ok I think. It’s all about making decisions. You decide for yourself if something is worth your time or not. Simply put, I’ve learned how to prioritize. Does that mean some things don’t get done? Sure. But I’m ok with that. It means next week’s list needs to be smaller.
Look, my job isn’t just to play. I take breaks to loosen my mind all the time because hard science proves that there is a benefit. When I feel relaxed and open, I can accomplish so much more than if I have the grindstone mentality that I MUST stay on the ball all the time. Sometimes the workload does demand this, however. But that’s where my ownership of my job comes in to play.
See, I don’t have a list of tasks that are assigned on the daily that I must burn through. The list I have is a list I myself generate. Because no one cares more about my job than me. The key to functional discipleship is understanding that the people working under you must acquire that same level of care. At the final ascension, Jesus knew He has started a movement amongst his disciples, and that they CARED enough to own it. That adoption of ownership, from generation to generation, fueled by the Holy Spirit, is what has kept the church together over the centuries. 
Don’t get me wrong, there are expectations on me from my boss. When I was hired, I was given a job description, but it was with the real expectation that I would take ownership of the areas over which I have been given authority. So anyway, I don’t have a huge take home message here. Just writing about stuff that’s on my mind. It’s Easter week. There’s tons to do. I’m having a blast. I need to fix my lawn mower. Life is often a struggle, but I am blessed and thankful.
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