Online streams available at facebook and youtube.
We are having online youth groups every monday night! At 6:30, you’ll get some video content via Facebook and YouTube. Afterword, you’ll be invited via text to join your small group via Zoom! Be patient. The texts are all regularly scheduled automatically, so that we can keep our Zoom rooms as safe as possible. Read on…
To join our Zoom meetings, you’ll need to check-in or register (if it’s your first time) to get invited every week, so we can do our best to keep everyone safe online. Check-in or register by clicking here:
(PS: If you have been at student at WayPoint Youth before, type your name and hit “search” and follow the instructions! If you have not, click “I need to register”. By registering, you agree to cooperate with the youth leaders hosting the meeting, and to avoid any behavior that might be inappropriate in any way.)
You’ll receive a text message from us sometime before 6:30 containing a link to join your Zoom small group. The meetings won’t open until after the video content has played via fb/insta, so they will likely start sometime around 6:45 tonight. Hope you see you then! Parents and students: if you have any issues, please send me (Drew) a text by replying to the group text that is sent out, (or at 2533031708) or contact me via facebook messenger. Thanks!
[About Zoom: Zoom is a fantastic video communications tool used by businesses, churches, clubs, families, and everyone else to have video meetings online. During this time of quarantine, that is a very valuable tool. Please go download the Zoom app (if you are using a smartphone), or go to zoom.us (if on a computer) and set up your Zoom account. Zoom is safe for the most part when certain precautions are taken, and those precautions will be taken by the youth leaders hosting each Zoom meeting. That said, this is the internet, and certain precautions should be observed, as there is always a degree of risk. We will do everything in our power to keep things safe.]