A Letter  to parents and campers about money and camp:
As many of you are aware, LIFT2019 is happening this year! The dates are June 23-28, 2019, at Sound View Camp! We are just as excited as always about camp this year, but there is some important and difficult information we must pass along. I will try to be as simple and direct as possible, while still allowing a peak into the inner workings of camp and money business.
We have greatly enjoyed the staff and directorship at Sound View Camp since they had a recent leadership change in the last few years. They have taken such great care of us, and stopped at nothing to meet our needs, and see that our youth have an unforgettable experience. As they have done this, they’ve attempted to keep us at our heavily discounted rate of payment, but it is unsustainable. Essentially, they’ve been losing money on a very high-demand week of camp.
Some of you may remember about five years ago, Sound View Camp came very close to getting shut down, permanently. The Presbytery of Olympia, who owns the camp, needed to confirm the camp’s financial viability. We can’t blame them for this. Camps are expensive to upkeep, and Sound View Camp was coming into a state of disrepair, and was not generating enough funds for it to sustain itself. As new leadership has come in, the camp has improved significantly. With these improvements, they have also brought in more paying customers, and need to, simply put, charge what they are worth.
Unfortunately, this puts us as a church and youth ministry, in a tight spot. We always charge as little as possible for camp. We never turn a profit from camp tuition; to the contrary, we lose money. That is not to say that we regret this; not at all! We are thrilled to offer one of the most affordable week long summer camps around, and we will continue to do this.
Now to the issue at hand: Due to all of the costs and legal concerns regarding camp, we are left with the decision to look elsewhere for a camp experience, or pay a perfectly fair price for Sound View, and we have chosen the latter.
The tuition for LIFT2019 this year will be $265 per student.
We will still offer the multi-student discount. We will still be able to offer scholarships. We will still depend on donations to make this work, as we always have. This is a $70 increase in price from LIFT2018, which itself was an increase from LIFT2017. It is important that all students and parents understand that we do not take this increase lightly, and only do so because we have no other choice. If cost was not a factor here, camp would be free. 
It isn’t all bad, however. With this new price, the camp will be providing meals for all of us (versus us providing the meals, shopping for the food, storing it, moving it, preparing it, etc). The camp will also be providing ample use of its ropes course, paintball course, and archery equipment. This will be the first time that we have been able to offer these awesome amenities that Sound View has at its disposal! Note: these are not the reason for the price  increase, but they are a nice added benefit. $265 is still a great deal for a week long summer camp, to offer all of these activities. Comparatively speaking, other summer camps are charging almost twice as much, and very often much, much more. 
If you have any questions or concerns, I’d be more than happy to talk about those with you. Come to my office, call me, or text me. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I’m looking forward to camp this year!
-Drew 253.303.1708