A Thursday

A Thursday. An atypical one at that. But then again, how often do I get typical days anymore? I came to work later than usual today, by design. I’m working late tonight, so to preserve time at home with Jessica and Jack-Jack, I came in later. I ran three miles at the gym I just started going to, so that’s cool. The rest of the day will consist of three meetings with various folks, writing this blog, and preparing for the 30 Hour Famine in a month.
But as this is the first post in this blog, I’ll cover some basics. My name is Drew, and I like to party. At least, that’s the stigma. One of many stigmas. Many of which I willingly embrace. 
Last October, after nearly eight years of working at the Navy base in Bremerton as a Nuclear Marine Electrician, WayPoint Church hired me full time as their brand new Youth Pastor. It wasn’t really  a surprise, as we had been working up to this point for some time. For about three years prior I was working at WayPoint in a part-time capacity, just running the youth group on Monday nights. It was a good system, but after all that time, it began to take its toll. 
Since then, I’ve been learning all the time what it means to be in full-time ministry. I share an office with Mark Klingler, our Discipleship Pastor. This office wasn’t meant to be occupied by two people all the time… It was built for our Associate Pastor of years ago, and my personal mentor, Rory Adams. Where my desk now sits was his closet for storing games and other boxes of various things. 
So my first challenge when I set foot in my new office, was the challenge of space management. After months of modifying, planning, tweaking, and moving things, I think I’ve arrived at a happy place where I have successfully built an effective workspace in a closet.
Mark is weird and uses a standup desk, and my chair is very small, so we’ve preserved quite a bit of floor space for activities. We have a couch, where Mark sits when he’s sick of standing, which is often. Obviously. 
As you can see in the picture, when square footage is limited, it helps to start thinking vertically. So I put a large shelf on top for storing things like the MYSTERY BOX which you can see in this picture. Under that is a bookshelf. I have a rather large library of science fiction and other assorted books at home, but this is a start. I brought with some essentials, like Ender’s Game, the original Star Wars novel by George Lucas, and the Princess Bride, along with some other for Pastory books, and FIVE different submissions of the Bible. Below the bookshelf,  you see my wall-mounted monitor, connected to my Lenovo laptop, which goes into tablet configuration, for use with my wireless keyboard and mouse. The mouse is resting regally on a United Federation of Planets mousepad, because why not. 
Now that all that stuff is taken care of, my workspace will hopefully aid me in my journey here at WayPoint, where ministry is all about people. It’s all about Jesus, first and foremost. As his followers, our ministry is about people. My particular ministry is about young people. Adolescents. TEENS. And it’s a ton of fun. It’s also a challenge. Content delivery presents a unique struggle. But loving them? That I can do. So much sometimes, that it hurts. This is what drives me. 
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
John 13:34-35.