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2M is WayPoint Youth’s student service group. 2M is a play on the words of Jesus when he said “If someone asks you to go one mile with them, go two miles.” The idea is that we are passionate about serving our community, and seeing its needs met. We do this by organizing 2M Projects. These are service projects where we will deliver or split firewood, or mow a lawn, wash cars, pull weeds, or wash dishes, for people who need it. These needs range from simple landscaping for the elderly, to church events that require lots of volunteers. 2M Projects are volunteer – we never get paid for this (although you might be able to lock down a paid lawn-mowing gig with the right person!)
Good reasons to join 2M:
1. You want to use those huge muscles you have.
2. You like food (we usually feed you!)
3. You like to laugh (we ALWAYS have a good time and projects are often driven by a relentless stream of jokes and puns).
4. You’d like some community service hours.
5. People love helping you out later if you’ve helped them out before.
6. It’s possible you could find a regular paying job.
7. This stuff looks GREAT on a starting resume. 
8. You want to generate some camaraderie with your fellow fivers.
9. Whatever reason you can think of.
10. Because Jesus commanded us to serve those who need serving, and we find no greater joy than when we obey that calling! 
If you are interested in learning more about joining 2M and investing in your community, click HERE and fill out the 2M Student Service sign-up form.
If you are someone who is in need and/or could benefit from a 2M work project, please click HERE.