LIFT18 at Sound View Camp
Start: June 24th at 5pm
End:  June 29th at 10am
LIFT is WayPoint Church and Five17’s annual 6-day-long summer camp that takes place at gorgeous Sound View Camp on the far end of the Key Peninsula. We have been meeting there every year on the last week of June for many, many years. 
Want to invite a friend? You can Click HERE to view and print the LIFT18 brochure! (It prints on both sides!) These will be available at the church as well.
If you need assistance for someone who does not have internet access, please give me a call and I’ll help you through it. 
What happens at LIFT?
A typical day at LIFT will have regular meal times, a morning music and teaching session, team sports, an educational workshop with other kids close to the student’s age, freetime, an afternoon activity (such as the obstacle course), an evening activity (like skits, or a chalk-art contest!), an evening music and teaching session, time with their cabin mates, time around a campfire singing and hearing testimony, and snacktime. 
This year, the cost is $195 per student*. Why did the cost increase?
Unfortunately, we live in an economy where the cost of ordinary items and services is always increasing. After all, not everything can be a Costco hot dog. While we are proud to offer a summer camp experience that is much cheaper than most like it, it is very difficult to make it as good as we can, while keeping it affordable, and making sure our essential costs are met. In order to offset this, we are increasing the cost by $20 per student. This is the first time in several years we’ve increased the cost, but we believe that this will help on multiple fronts. Here are some of the benefits of increasing the cost:
1. We don’t have to reduce the overall quality of the camp to make it work. We of course can and do cut costs on non-essential items wherever possible, but quality is still a top priority.
2. We can still provide scholarships to students in need, without needing thousands in donations just to get by.
3. It keeps our youth budget here intact, so we can continue to provide dozens of other FREE services throughout the year, like youth group. Remember, every summer youth group includes dinner! 
*If you are a parent who is sending multiple students to camp, we are offering a small discount. Take $15 off camp cost for each ADDITIONAL student you send from your family/household. 
If you hate math, here’s a nice table to follow:
One student: $195
Two students: $375
Three students: $540 
Four students: $690
Here is the text of the email for all parents who have registered students for camp:

LIFT is a 6 day, 5 night long summer experience for teens that allows them to unplug and be truly disconnected from the world around them, and focus on the only thing that matters: God. For 6 days they will be surrounded by friends, fun, and a caring, supporting staff who want to see the lives of these teens changed for Christ. 

Every day will include team sports, special activities, campfires, the truth of God’s word, music, balanced meals, free time, and cabin time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Facebook, email (, or cell phone (253.303.1708). You have my absolute word that I will stop at nothing to keep your kid(s) safe, comfortable, and cared for while at camp. I am honored and humbled to be able to do this. 

Each student will be put in a cabin area where they will bunk for the duration of camp. They will have at least two counselors assigned to them, who will make sure that they are safe, cared for, and enjoy their camp experience. These counselors are all personally vetted by me, and have undergone background checks.

-Drew Pappas, Camp Director.

That being said, here are some follow-up items for you.

Please be sure to drop your registration fee of $195 at WayPoint Church:
12719 134th Avenue KPN
Gig Harbor, WA 98329

Or mail it to: 
WayPoint Church
PO Box 269
Vaughn, WA 98394

Make checks out to WayPoint Church and put “camp” in the memo line.

If you are receiving a partial scholarship or are paying late, do so.

Things to bring
__Notepad + Pen/pencil
__Sleeping bag
__Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
__Any other toiletries you might need
__Clothes for 6 days & 5 nights, including clothes for sports activities.

Optional Items
__Musical instrument 
__Baseball glove
__Hover Car 
__Clam Chowder 
__Hulk Gloves
__Captain America’s Shield

__Infinity Gauntlet

Things NOT to bring
__Cell phones of any kind (yes, including camera phones)
__Items for cruel and/or hurtful pranks


Drop off at Camp – Sunday, June 24th, 5pm
Pick up from Camp – Friday, June 29th, 10am

NOTE: Please no visitors during camp, unless given express permission by the Camp Director. The only exception to this is if you wish to come for the end-of-camp baptism which will be at 9:15am on Friday.

8515 Key Peninsula Highway South
Longbranch, WA 98351
For directions go to:

Thank you and we look forward
Summer Youth Group
When school ends and we are finished with LIFT, we shift gears into a more laid-back summer atmosphere for Five17. Instead of meeting weekly, we meet every two weeks. Instead of it always being at WayPoint, we meet at a variety of different locations.
For Summer of 2018, we will be meeting four times, on the following dates:
July 9th
July 23rd
August 6th
August 20th