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Are you a student who wants to sign up for camp?
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NOTE: This year at camp, we are beginning the “rule of 12”, which is simply that for camp, you must be at least 12 years old by September 1st of 2017, regardless of grade, to attend. Likewise, the oldest you can be and still attend as a student is graduating from 12th grade. This is only for Lift, not for youth group itself. IF you (or your student) will be younger than 12 and attended last year, they are still allowed to attend being “grandfathered in”. If you believe you may have a special case that we might make exceptions for, please feel free to contact us.
About LIFT @ Sound View Camp
Formerly known as simply “Soundview”, LIFT at Sound View Camp is WayPoint Church’s teen summer camp for students age 12 through grade 12. It is a 6 day long camp where students will be immersed in the bible, surrounded by friends, and a caring staff who’s primary concern is each student’s relationship with Christ. 
A typical day at camp will be filled with sports, other team activities, teaching and worship times, freetime, meals, small group discussion, campfire, and enjoying what the gorgeous facility that is Sound View Camp. Students will be challenged by their leaders to make the most of this time, to have fun, and to grow closer with God.
“I am not a Christian… will camp still be fun for me? Will I feel pressured to be spiritual at camp?”
I certainly hope camp will still be fun for you! Camp is certainly structured around living for Christ, but we do not promote an atmosphere of pressure or obligation. If a student decides to make a decision (or not make a decision) for Christ, it is of their own volition. But if a student does not want to follow Christ, we are in no position to force them or make them uncomfortable. Our desire is that you have fun and let us serve you. Hopefully that will make you want to know more!
“I am not really into sports, and this seems like a sports camp…”
Yes, we will do a lot of running around at camp, and 4 of the 6 days will included 4 sports activities during the day. Also, the team activities will vary in the level of strenuous activity. But consider all that there will be that is NOT sports… Teaching, music, team challenges, skits, talent show, and whatever other creativity you can muster during free time. If you can think of a way we can accommodate you, we will try!
If you have ANY questions about anything LIFT related, let us know!