Thank you for your interest in Five17 Student Ministries. We are grateful and humbled that we should have the opportunity to work with the youth of the Key Peninsula and surrounding areas  (and on occasion, beyond)!
My name is Drew Pappas, and I am the Youth Group Director at WayPoint Church. My beautiful wife Jessica and I have had the honor of serving the youth on the Key Peninsula for many years now, and we take this honor very seriously. Along with our volunteer staff, we have a passion for youth ministry, and love every opportunity we get to pour our lives into these students.
At Five17 we promise to always do our absolute best to make sure that all students are encouraged, included and safe. We always try to build a culture among our regular students to step up themselves and reach out to each other, and to newer students. We discourage cliques as far as is unhealthy, and attempt to build on a community of friends that contribute to the well-being of the church overall. After all, these students are not “Christians in training”; they ARE Christians, and can function in the body just as well as those who perhaps don’t fit the term “youth”. 
If you would like more information about our awesome volunteer staff, check out the “Staff” tab! 
TAQs (Typically Asked Questions):
Is Five17 just for students and teens of WayPoint Church?
No! While a good percentage of students that regularly attend Five17 have parents that attend WayPoint, a good deal of them do not, and either don’t attend church or attend a different church. All that is required to be a Fiver is to come and have fun!
Can teens who are not Christians come to Five17?
Absolutely! In fact, many teens who have attended over the years are/were not professing believers. However, while all are welcome, our heart is to see the lives of every single teen affected to make decisions for Christ. We preach from the Bible, and do not waiver on that. In that, we will always strive to cultivate a welcoming environment for all students.
I want to help out at Five17… what should I do?
Click on the “Volunteer” tab at the top of the page for more info.
Can parents come to Five17?
Yes. Parents are always more than welcome to join us! We simply ask that you consider that Five17 is here for the students, and to avoid anything that might serve as a distraction. 
Why is Drew such a nerd?
Because it’s good to be different! 
Any other questions at all, please feel free to contact WayPoint Church at 253.853.7878, or, or contact me (Drew) personally, at, or 253.303.1708. Text messages are great too!