Hello there! Thanks for checking out Five17 Youth. If you have questions, or you just want to explore, check out the menu at the top of the page!
Thanks to everyone who came to MAC & CHEESE night! Over 55 students came to eat delicious mac & cheese and play games with each other.
NOTE: The weather here on the K.P. has been rough the past few weeks, and we’ve had to cancel not one but TWO youth groups in a row! To make up for this, we WILL be having youth group Monday, February 18, normal time, EVEN THOUGH it is President’s Day and there is no school. Let’s make it fun! 
Don’t forget to check out 2M Student Service Group for opportunities to give back and serve your community! 
Five17 Youth meets on Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm, at WayPoint Church! (scroll down for a list of non-youth group Mondays) 
Here’s a list of Mondays that we WON’T be having Five17 Youth in for the rest of the ’18-’19 school year:
April 15th – Spring Break
May 27th – Memorial Day
The last regular youth group of the school year is on June 17th.
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Join Five17 Youth
Five17 Youth represents a group of young people who have found a common identity with each other. They support each other, rely on each other, and serve those around them, without judgment or condemnation. When they come together, any number of spontaneous and fun things can happen. We just provide the space for them to meet once a week. 
When a student comes to Five17, whether they are a long time attender or there for the first time, they will find a relaxed, open cafe atmosphere where they can hang out with other young people, without pressure. They can sit down in the cafe and read a book with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, or just grab a soda. They can throw a football around, jam out to some music, and use the wi-fi. It’s all free. The leaders there will provide organized games and activities that are designed to get students to interact with one another, and have a great time. But if hanging back and just observing is more your style, that’s fine too. .
Next, they will be brought into a gathering where they will share in community with one another, sing songs of praise to God, and maybe actually learn something about the creator who loves them so much. 
Then they will spend time in a small group atmosphere, where they can ask questions, aid in conversation, and grow closer to God, and to each other.
Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for all. And that includes teens. No matter your background, you are welcome here. If any student ever needs help, or just a listening ear, our leaders are compassionate, caring, and available to listen. 
At Five17, our aim is for all students to feel welcome, loved, and cared for. And we all need that.