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3.20.18- We are doing the 30 Hour Famine this year! And we are going to make it count! We are teaming up with Burley Bible Church’s youth group to put together an unforgettable event where students will learn, have fun, and DO SOMETHING about the problem of world hunger. 
You can donate to our team by clicking here to help fight hunger through sponsorship.
If you are a student or a parent of a student, you can register your child by clicking here.
“Thirty hours. Barely more than a day. In that short time, global hunger won’t disappear. But if we answer God’s call – if we take the first step – nothing will slow us down.
Think about what you can accomplish in just 30 hours. Listen to your stomach growl, and imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes as you learn about their life and try to comprehend their suffering. 
Then choose to feed your soul. To walk away more full than you’ve ever felt. To be reenergized by faith, not food alone. Choose to inspire action in everyone around you because, in the end, it’s not only by going hungry – but also staying hungry – that we will feed others.
What you can accomplish in 30 hours resonates for a lifetime. Come together and proclaim: now is the time to make a difference. Raise funds. Save lives. Feed your faith by helping to end hunger.”
-World Vision
Middle School and High School Students (or ages 12-18)
are invited to join us as we hang out, have fun, and learn more about following
Who: All middle school and high school students.
What: Friends, games, music, and truth.
When: Monday nights, 6:30-8:30
Where: WayPoint Church
12719 134TH Ave KPN
Gig Harbor, WA 98329
Note about Five17 holidays:
At Five17, we follow the Peninsula School District for holidays or other days-off that will happen. We use a simple rule: If there‚Äôs no school for Peninsula schools on a given monday, there is no youth group. (This includes non-scheduled snow days and teacher in-service days, unless otherwise noted!) This allows us as a staff to have time for rest, recuperation, and prayer on how to better our ministry that God has blessed us with.